Eye 2 Eye is an online game for couples featuring 500+ multiple choice and open-ended questions from 25 categories (money, sex, romance, careers, and more).


Eye 2 Eye will help you and your partner explore the big questions that come up in any serious relationship and you’ll do it together, in a non-threatening way. This game is for lovers who want to take their relationship to the optimal level of trust and communication.


Eye 2 Eye asks some serious heavy hitters, so... no punks allowed!

Find out if you and your partner see Eye 2 Eye now!

Get ready to answer questions like...

Eye 2 Eye is more than a game, it's a life tool.

Eye 2 Eye logs your answers and gives you unlimited access to revisit them in the weeks, months, and years to come. This will help you and your partner reflect on your open, honest communication overtime, to secure everlasting love!

So, if you are thinking of taking things to the next level with your partner by:

Then find out how well you know your partner.



The software will shoot the same question at both partners at the same time; this is where the fun begins. You’ll give your answer on your own device, your partner will answer on their device and the system will reveal both answers in real time only after you both have locked in your responses (no peeking... you don’t want to influence each other)

If you don’t see “eye to eye” for that question then a timer will begin counting down. During this time, you’ll discuss your opinion and decide whether you really do see “eye to eye” after all or agree to disagree before moving to the next question.

You and your partner log in on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device.


Your results are automatically logged, and the two of you can circle back over time to revisit your answers and discuss the important stuff. The game is highly interactive and will lead to exciting discussions and actions based on your personal answers. Eye 2 Eye will provoke you at times, which will lead to hilarious and meaningful memories together.


Is Eye 2 Eye 100% online?

Yes. It’s accessible from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device, and it’s a game couples can play at home or when they’re out and about.

Is Eye 2 Eye subscription-based?

Nope! One payment gives you and your partner unlimited lifetime access to the game. We did it this way because Eye 2 Eye is more than a game for couples to play—it’s a tool that you can use to strengthen your relationship today, and in the months and years to come.

Can I play with a new partner?

Yes. You will only need to pay a small one-time fee for your new partner.

Can we play again after some time?

Yes. Eye2Eye can be played anytime, unlimited lifetime access.

How is Eye 2 Eye different than other couple games?

There are a lot of fun games for couples to play together, such as romance games for couples, truth-or-dare-style games, and even bedroom games for couples… but Eye 2 Eye is unique in that it isn’t about fluff. It’s about seeing inside your partner’s mind and connecting in a whole new way. Eye 2 Eye is about going deeper.

What makes Eye 2 Eye different from those personality tests on dating sites?

Eye 2 Eye is different in a couple important ways. First, it’s the prompted discussions that make Eye 2 Eye such a valuable tool. For example, a quiz on a dating site will quickly decide that a non-drinker is incompatible with a social drinker (on the topic of drinking)… but Eye 2 Eye makes no assumptions! When you and your partner answer differently, you’ll get to discuss why your answers don’t immediately match. No dating site’s algorithm can replace a thoughtful discussion about important issues.

Can married couples (or life partners) play Eye 2 Eye?

Of course! Eye 2 Eye is for anyone who wants to take their communication to the next level.

Why think about all this now?

Around 57% of millennial couples, married 3-5 years, are currently going through (or will likely go through) relationship counseling, and only 16% will find those sessions helpful. *Survey of 1000 people by MidAmerica Nazarene University* Successful relationships need a solid foundation, and that requires open and honest communication from the beginning. Rather than paying thousands of dollars down the line on counseling, be proactive, have fun, and make sure you’re on the same page now!

Should I still consider couples counseling?

Couples counseling can be costly so one of the major reasons, we developed this game is to place the role of a counselor in your hands. No one knows your relationship better than you do. If you opt to consult a professional also then this game will help you have an idea of what areas you two need to focus on in those sessions.

What if we don't see Eye 2 Eye?

If you find out you don't see Eye 2 Eye on most issues, this signals the need for more communication between you and your partner.